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The Hospital

Creating the hospital is an ambitious project to serve the critical needs of women and children in the Sankuru region of central Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Doctor Tony Elonge

Doctor Tony Elonge Otshudy is a Congolese doctor who trained in surgery in France and has returned home to serve the needs of his country and bring hope to desperate situations.

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Fistula surgery

Fistula is a condition which can arise as a result of a traumatic event such as sexual violence or through obstetric complications such as a poorly managed childbirth.

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The team

Supporting this hospital is a team of people based in the Congo and Europe who are contributing their time, energy and skills to ensure the hospital can reach the needs of those in the Sankuru District of DRC.

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Organisations supporting the hospital development

NGOs facilitating the development of the hospital in the Sankuru District of the Kasai-Oriental province of DR Congo:

Heart of compassion

Based in DR Congo, Heart of
compassion is a development charity
working in the Sankuru District.

la gerbe

La gerbe

Based in France, La Gerbe is a
charity specialising in logistics and
the supply of medical equipment.


Based in Switzerland and founded
30 years ago, Medaf is a medical charity
supporting with medical training.